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Pepperhill Preschool

Preschool is an exciting time for parents and children alike. As little ones embark on their educational journey, it's our job and our joy to make sure we provide them with a strong foundation built upon the wonder of learning. As children develop socially and emotionally, the Pepperhill Preschool curriculum emphasizes the exploration of reading, writing, language, and math. We work carefully to gradually expose the very young learner to elementary concepts so they are grasped in a way that sets the base for future schooling. As we move forward, preschool-appropriate science and social studies are integrated as well.


The goal at Pepperhill Preschool is always to create a strong, supportive foundation for a lifetime of learning while also guiding our pupils' social and emotional development. Concepts are presented in developmentally- appropriate lessons so children grasp and internalize each new idea. Special activities such as art, music, science, and social studies create a well-rounded curriculum. Experience-based, inclusive explorations such as tasting foods from other cultures, learning dances and traditions from other countries, performing science experiments, or writing and illustrating stories about things they have learned are encouraged. We seek to find innovative ways to make learning fun for all our students so they learn to approach school from a place of wonder and excitement.


We also believe a successful school is built on family involvement. Throughout the year we host families through conferences, open houses, field trips, and special events so our students to benefit from communication within our larger Pepperhill family. 

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