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The Early Childhood program at Pepperhill Preschool offers school readiness through a wide range of activities and classes designed specifically for your child’s growth and development.


Music and Movement

Our Music and Movement program fosters learning through music and patterns. Children will explore different body movements while stimulating their minds. 


Arts and Crafts

Through Arts and Crafts, students develop their creativity and confidence while making beautiful artwork. They will learn shapes and patterns while also developing an appreciation and enjoyment for art. 



We incorporate science in the Pepperhill curriculum to develop our kids' feeling of security in the world. When young children learn to build and understand their environment, they begin to predict, to use the scientific process, and to develop skills like observing and classifying. 



We allow the children to practice their hand writing skills with fun new ways of exploring numbers and letters.


Beginning Math

Using simple concepts and shapes, we'll introduce your child to the basics of math. Each new skill will build upon the last, increasing confidence and enjoyment. 


Cooking Activities

What better place to learn skills like patience, reading, and following directions than the kitchen? Pepperhill students love making their own treats. We introduce simple, kid-friendly recipes and provide proper guidance and supervision as little ones create. The sense of accomplishment and pride they earn is irreplaceable. 

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