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Activities Program

Every day at Pepperhill is packed with good times and future memories, and sprinkled with important life skills and lessons. Here's just a glimpse at the fun that's waiting this summer.


Lake Sports

There's so much fun to be had down at the Pepperhill pond! Campers love to keep cool with our kayaks and canoes. But their favorite just might be the Blob and our water trampoline, where they get to bounce, splash and play (or hang out, our older campers would say!) It all adds up to great fun. 



Archery has enjoyed a renaissance recently, with schools across the state forming teams and starting competition. Kids will learn the basics of archery, including safety and skills practice. They'll love shooting for the target! 



We have two pools for campers to cool down in on hot summer days. Around here, the pools are known as Shamu and Willy. (Don't ask us why, ask the kids! They came up with it.)


Horseback Riding

Your child may find her new best friend in the Pepperhill stables. Our gentle horses are just waiting to be loved, ridden, and cared for. 



Our Games Barn is many campers' very favorite place. There they'll find many of the traditional camp games we've loved for years, and they'll make new friends joining in. 


Arts and Crafts

Arts and Crafts time is a perfect opportunity for campers to show off their creative side.

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