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Class Progression

Young Two to Three 

Our youngest learners participate in an activity-based curriculum using age-appropriate themes to teach basic skills. The emphasis is on self-help, language, interaction with other children, and body awareness.

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Young Fours

Four-year-olds are ready for a challenge, and our Young Fours program is designed to keep them engaged and immersed in learning. Children in this special age group are inquisitive, full of energy, and ready to learn! Our "shelf work" period each day is the hands-on activity time that challenges the student in the areas of math, language, social studies, and practical life skills.

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​​Pepperhill’s Pre-Kindergarten is a structured program designed to prepare your child for the kindergarten class experience. A strong emphasis on language and math build the foundation for the Pre-Kindergarten curriculum. Pepperhill students are ready for kindergarten upon the completion of Pre-Kindergarten.

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